Guess who we saw wearing our Florinda Bolkan tee…

Occasionally, rather fun things happen… such as finding out one of your fave Euro actresses is wearing your t-shirt! A cultzilla buyer from the US kindly pointed out that at a rather nice looking party, Florinda Bolkan was wearing our Florinda Bolkan tee!

Looking rather elegant in a white suit, clearly Florinda still knows how to party! So in honour of the lovely Florinda, a quick reminder of why she is our favourite Euro actress…

Although born in Brazil it was in Italy that Florinda found fame, making her debut in Candy alongside Ringo Starr. She was soon landing great roles and went on to recieve David Di Donatello award 3 times (sort of an Italian Oscar). Some highlights would be Visconti’s The Damned, A Complicated Girl and The Anonymous Venetian (which has a great score). Indeed viewing her lte 60s early 70s filmography, she was a very busy lady.

For many of us though, se will be remembered for the excellent gialli she appeared in. She was brilliant in Lizard in a Woman’s Skin, alongside Jean Sorel, Stanley Baker and, memorably, Anita Strindberg.

She gave a great performance in Don’t Torture the Ducking and comes to a painfully tragic end, in one of the most memorable parts of the film.

She was also mesmerising in my fave film of hers Le Orme, or Footprints on the Moon. A tranegly hypnotic film, which I still revisit, plus I have the loca on my studio wall!

You can of course, also see her alongside Oliver Reed, Alan Bates and Malcolm McDowell as Lola Montez in Royal Flash, and for my money, far more appealing than Britt Ekland!

Always beautiful, always intense and always dominating the screen.. I give you – Florinda Bolkan….

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